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After reading this article, you will be able to choose the best oils, products, and protection methods for your hair. You will have all the tools you need to have healthy hair!

Learn to easily recognize the porosity of your hair: you will discover three tips (the last two are completely new and reliable).

Adopt an effective hair routine!

Why are we talking to you so much about porosity? What is it for and what is it? A quick and simple definition: porosity is the ability of your hair to absorb moisture. Your hair may have high, medium or low porosity.

Knowing the porosity of your hair: this is the essential step to take good care of it and obtain the hair of your dreams. The level of porosity of the hair determines the type of care and products recommended.

By becoming aware of your porosity, you will know precisely what your hair really needs. Test suitable products and progress with your hair routine. But above all it will allow you to control and maintain the hydration of your hair! You will have understood, this is essential information for frizzy, curly and curly hair.

Yes, the needs of your hair vary depending on its porosity. Certain ingredients are not recommended for high porosity hair but will be good for low porosity hair. Knowing your porosity is not everything, from now on you will have to be vigilant about the composition of your products and avoid overly chemical compositions or ingredients prohibited for your porosity.

The level of porosity of the hair determines the type of care and products recommended.


TIP #1: the glass of water test!

To avoid distorting your test, your hair must be dry and virgin (without any product applied to it). We therefore advise you to carry out this test just after your shampoo or conditioner.

Another solution, collect a small ball of hair from your brush or comb, wash it to remove any product and let it dry for a full day. A glass filled with water at room temperature and off you go!
Place a clean section of your hair in the water and wait one to three minutes:
If the hair floats (remains on the surface of the water): your hair has low porosity.
IF the hair flows slowly and stays in the middle of the glass, your hair is of medium porosity.
If the hair sinks very quickly to the bottom of the glass, your hair has high porosity.


The water spray technique: Spray a small section of your hair with water and watch how your hair reacts.

If your hair absorbs water quickly: then it has high porosity. On the other hand, if water stays on top of your hair, you have low porosity.



Thanks to the Instagram page ( @mes_cheveuxafro ) for this very useful tip! So, all you have to do is get in the shower and wet your hair. The objective of the test is to carefully observe the time it takes for your hair to soak up the water, which will allow you to identify your porosity:

If in less than 1 to 2 minutes , your hair is completely wet: your hair is probably very porous (your scales are very open)

If after more than 5 minutes , your hair is not completely wet: your hair is probably not very porous (your scales are rather closed)

If within a few minutes , your hair is completely wet: very good news , your hair has normal porosity.


The scales of your hair are very tight, which makes it difficult for moisture and your care products to penetrate. Your hair has a hard time getting wet when in contact with water. They are easily greasy or oily. With low porosity hair: heat will be your best ally , equip yourself with a heating cap or a steam helmet we will solve all that! Failing that, a warm towel will do the trick. The heat diffused will be used to open the scales of your hair to allow hydration (treatment, oil bath) to permeate your cuticle. In a few words, your hair will be deeply hydrated.

Your mission now is to deeply penetrate the hydration and care of your hair!

Moderately porous HAIR

Hair with normal porosity: your scales are moderately tightened which allows hydration to penetrate and be retained in the hair. Your hair generally does not suffer from dryness : it absorbs and retains moisture normally.

This is ideal , know that we envy you!


High porosity hair: your hair tends to be dry and it's very hard to keep it hydrated. Your scales are too open so hydration and care penetrate quickly but escape very quickly. It makes your hair weak, dry, brittle and difficult to style.

Your mission now is to seal in the moisture in your hair ! All you need to do is create a barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating too quickly . How ? By applying heavy, oily products to form a protective layer around your hair fiber.

Can the porosity of my hair change?

The porosity of your hair can change and vary depending on your hair routine. For example, if you put your hair through a chemical treatment like coloring: you can then go from normal porosity to high porosity. Sometimes, porosity can be hereditary : your hair can remain porous naturally.

What if we put it into practice now?

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