The benefits of the heating helmet for a low porosity hair routine

THE benefits of the heating helmet for a hair routine for low porosity hair

The heated helmet can be a beneficial tool for a hair routine, especially if you have low porosity hair. Low porosity hair has tight cuticles, which can make it difficult to absorb hair products and deep condition. Here are some of the benefits of heating helmet for low porosity hair:

  1. Cuticle Opening: The heat from the heated helmet can help temporarily open the cuticles of low porosity hair, allowing hair products to enter the hair shaft more easily. This allows for better absorption of nutrients and moisturizers.

  2. Improved effectiveness of treatments: When using hair masks, oils, or other hair care products, the heat from the helmet can speed up the treatment process by allowing the products to penetrate deeper into the hair. This can help strengthen hair and make it more bouncy.

    1. Better Moisture Retention: Hair with low porosity often has trouble retaining moisture, which can make it dry and brittle. Using a heated cap can help seal in moisture inside the hair by helping moisturizing products penetrate better and lock in hydration.

    Damage Repair: If your low porosity hair is damaged due to chemical treatments or excessive heat, using a heating helmet with repairing products can help restore the health of your hair in depth.

  1. Stimulates Blood Circulation: The heat from the helmet can also stimulate blood circulation to the scalp, which can promote hair growth by providing more nutrients to hair follicles.

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