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Strong Porosity Shampoo, natural hair care

Strong Porosity Shampoo, natural hair care

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Strong Porosity Shampoo, natural hair care

A Growth Activator Shampoo 100% based on natural ingredients in large quantities (250 ML) designed especially for your high porosity hair!

Dedicated to high porosity hair: your hair is dry very quickly after being hydrated. They tend to be brittle. Your hair may be very porous by nature or this may be due to excessive use of heat and/or chemical treatments (bleaching, straightening, etc.). Our shampoo will deeply cleanse your hair, promote growth and add shine to your hair!

 Our products are made in the laboratory and made from 100% natural organic ingredients!


SHEA BUTTER: nourishing, restores luster and shine to dry hair

CASTOR OIL: strengthens , stimulates growth , and fights against hair breakage

SWEET ALMOND OIL: rich in vitamins A and E protects, moisturizes and promotes hair growth

JOJOBA OIL: regulates sebum production, cleanses the scalp , prevents breakage and adds shine to the hair

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