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Low porosity hair care

Low porosity hair care

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Low porosity hair care

A Nourishing and Repairing Treatment: 100% based on natural ingredients in very large quantities (500 ML) designed especially for your low porosity hair!

Dedicated to low porosity hair, an appearance that is often shiny and dry: your hair has difficulty getting wet when in contact with water. They are easily greasy or oily. Our Nourishing and Repairing Treatment included in our CARE RITUAL will help open the scales of your hair to deeply hydrate and nourish it.

 Our products are made in the laboratory and made from 100% natural organic ingredients!


MANGO BUTTER: known for its nourishing and softening properties, brings shine to hair and prevents the formation of split ends

ALOE VERA OIL: rich in vitamins A, B6 and B9 brings shine and strength to hair, repairs damaged lengths , enriched with vitamins 1 and B known to stimulate blood circulation promotes hair growth

SWEET ALMOND OIL: rich in vitamins A and E protects, moisturizes and promotes hair growth

JOJOBA OIL: regulates sebum production, cleanses the scalp, prevents breakage and adds shine to the hair

ESSENTIAL TEA TREE OIL: restores order to sebum production: contributes to good hair health


Installation time: 30 minutes minimum.

Apply the Nourishing and Repairing Treatment by massaging your scalp circularly, then apply it towards your lengths.

You have low porosity hair (your scales are closed), so it is essential for you to cover your head with a hot towel, a heating cap or use a steam helmet. This will open your scales: your treatments will penetrate deeply and this will increase the effectiveness of your treatment.

Finally, leave the Nourishing and Repairing Treatment on for at least 30 minutes.

The Nourishing and Repairing Treatment should be repeated 1 to 2 times maximum per week. Minimum frequency: 2 times per month. The Nourishing and Repairing Treatment is the last step of the Low Porosity Treatment Ritual.


Discoverour tips for easily finding your porosity and thebest actions to adopt for the low porosity hair routine.


Mineral water - BTMS - Cosgard preservative - Vitamin E - Vitamin B - Mango butter - Jojoba oil - Sweet almond oil - Aloe Vera oil - Vegetable glycerin - honey - Natural cosmetic fragrance - Tea tree essential oils

Not recommended for pregnant women and young children.

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