Very porous hair instructions for use

Everything you need to know about your high porosity hair.

In this article, we will reveal all the keys to taking good care of your high porosity hair. It's not easy, we know that, but thanks to our advice you'll do better, we promise. Gradually, you will get to know them better: take action while remaining attentive to their reaction.

The verdict is in: your hair is very porous. What does it mean ? Your scales are very open: hydration is quickly absorbed but escapes immediately . Your hair then tends to appear dry and dries quickly. Here are several tips that will be very useful for you to adopt the best daily actions for your hair.

The essential steps for your hair routine

Your hair routine should ensure that you strengthen your keratin, close your scales and seal in the hydration of your hair.

Prefer rinsing with cold water , rinse your hair with cider vinegar this will help close the scales of your hair. Take a liter of mineral water and add two tablespoons of cider vinegar or, failing that, lemon juice.

To hydrate your hair, we recommend the LCO method (milk, moisturizer and oil) to seal in hydration. Your hair likes thick layers of products; They are greedy so be generous.

To detangle your hair, do it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb and go gently. Small reminder: you never detangle dry hair and even less so yours.

Include in your skincare routine: protein treatments (once a month) to strengthen keratin based on egg, keratin, provitamins B5, mayonnaise, rice or even silk proteins. The proteins will strengthen and fill in the gaps in your scales.

Oils and butters for very porous hair

Favor butters and fatty oils such as shea butter, carapate oil or castor oil.

The favorite ingredient: aloe vera which will easily hydrate, nourish, detangle and style your hair. You can even make a small spray bottle: put mineral water, aloe vera juice or gel and rose water in it.

To seal in hydration , we recommend using very thick vegetable oils . You need to create a barrier and prevent the hydration from evaporating. Here is an example of oils that will do the job very well: castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, etc.

You can also use vegetable butters: my favorite and most effective on very porous hair (in my opinion) is shea butter .

Mistakes to avoid with high porosity hair

Avoid using heat or hot water on your hair! Do not use heating appliances , do not dry your hair with hot air: dry it with lukewarm air, ideally in the open air or using a micro-fiber towel.

Little tip: once your hair is dry, you can use the cold air from your hair dryer to close, smooth your scales and add density.

The same goes for straightening irons, we don't recommend it because it produces heat and risks opening your scales even further. Also avoid products with overly chemical components and chemical treatments (coloring, straightening, etc.).

Voila, you now have all the knowledge necessary to have a good hair routine adapted to your hair.

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